Fun Facts About Weeds You Never Knew!

Weeds are simply nature’s way of quickly covering up bare ground. Opportunistic and aggressive, they are genetically designed to germinate, grow and propagate faster than most desirable plants. Most plants only produce several hundred seeds, but weeds are especially prolific. One single weed can produce anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 seeds. With these odds, it’s easy to see how weeds can quickly take over your garden or lawn if left untreated.


Annual weeds germinate in the fall and winter and grow actively in spring. Gardeners are often surprised how quickly these weeds can seemingly pop up overnight in their yards and gardens, being unaware that they may have been growing slowly all winter long. After they flower in spring they die and disappear for the summer only to return in fall or winter when new seeds germinate. We control with a broadleaf  postemergent herbicide applied when the weeds are actively growing in the spring.

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