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Mole & Vole Control

Moles and voles are destructive pests that can damage your property with unsightly mounds and tunnels in your lawn.

Moles or Voles Wreaking Havoc?

We Can Help.

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Stop Moles in Their Tracks

Moles are known for digging up tunnels in your lawn, and they are active year-round.

Enhanced Bait Method

Our bait mimics a mole's natural food source, which attracts moles and stops them from continuing to destroy your lawn.

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Stop letting your lawn get ruined by digging moles and voles.



What To Expect

No More Moles or Voles

We promise to help you get rid of your moles and voles so they stop wrecking your lawn.

Wreaking havoc on your lawn

Don't let their cute faces fool you! Moles and voles are far from innocent when it comes to tearing up your lawn looking for food.

Moles create tunnels underground and leave mounds all over your lawn. Their diet consists of grubs, earthworms, centipedes, millipedes, insect larvae, and many other insects, which they find underground in the tunnels they dig.

Moles and voles are active all year long.

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How it works–

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Tunnels and Mounds

The presence of moles is normally indicated by a network of subsurface runway tunnels in the turf and a collection of earth pushed up to form mounds. This is where the moles are hanging out.

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Initial Evaluation

Our mole and vole control starts with a phone evaluation with one of our representatives to understand the situation and to determine the severity of the problem. We will then provide you with an initial quote.

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In-Person Evaluation

A technician will come out to your property and perform an additional evaluation of the mole and vole activity. Your tech will then adapt the discussed approach as needed and begin placing the baits.

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Enhanced Bait

Moles are insectivores and prefer to feed mainly on earthworms. Our bait imitates this natural food source and contains special scent enhancers that attract moles and voles– once ingested, the bait terminates them.

What Our Customers Think...

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James did an excellent and thorough job finding and treating for moles in our yard. He was very professional and friendly. It was a pleasure to meet him.
Miles M.
Mole & Vole Control Customer

What's The Difference?

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What Do Moles Look Like?

  • 6-8 inches long (moles are about the length of an adult hand)
  • Dark gray or brown in color
  • Long snouts
  • Lots of whiskers on their noses to help them feel their way
  • Big, paddle-like paws for digging
  • Close their ears so they don't get dirt in them
  • Fur sticks upwards to help them feel in tunnels for food
  • Tail fur is even finer than the body so they can feel food or danger from behind it
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What Do Voles Look Like?

  • 3-7 inches long– voles are about the length of your palm
  • Brown or gray in color
  • Short snouts
  • Small eyes and ears
  • Small paws– voles do not dig very much and usually just use tunnels left behind by moles
  • Very closely resemble a mouse
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Mole Blindness: Fact or Fiction?

Moles are not fully blind, but they might as well be! Both moles and voles spend the majority of their lives underground, where there is not enough light underground for them to develop keen eyesight.

Because they don't fully develop eyesight, they are colorblind and can only see very small amounts of light and movement.

Moles rely heavily on their sense of smell and their fur and whiskers as other sensory tools to find food, while voles use their small bodies and sharp claws to help them navigate through the underground tunnels.




Enjoy a mole-free lawn

  • With your lawn mole-free and gorgeous, you have more time to enjoy with your family
  • No worries about your lawn being torn apart by moles
  • Let the good times roll!

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