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Fertilization & Weed Control

Our weed control and fertilization program consists of 8 treatments performed on your lawn every 4-7 weeks.

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8 Fertilization and Weed Control
Treatments Per Year

Our fertilization and weed control program consists of 8 treatments performed on your lawn every 4-7 weeks.

  • We will provide your lawn with all the essential treatments it needs such as seasonally balanced fertilizers and micronutrient treatments that will give your lawn exactly what it needs at the right time of year.
  • We also provide pre and post emergent weed controls that are applied in the correct seasons that will protect your lawn against any pesky weeds that make their way into your lawn.

We pride ourselves on having the greenest, healthiest lawns. 

Our Customers Rock! Thank you for your testimonials!


Brian S.

5 Star

"Our yard is improving and we appreciate all of the hard work and extra visits to get it in shape. Thanks!"

Bob L.

5 Star

"Michael was very polite and explained your services. Thank You."

Bill D.

5 Star

" I recommend you folks to all my neighbors."

Barbara A.

5 Star

"Antoine was very courteous. We need evaluation for tree & shrub treatment."

Butler S.

5 Star

"Because of the hard work Top Turf has done with my yard, I have seen several neighbors now with Top Turf sign in their yard that was not there before. My grass is now so much greener & thicker since Top Turf started with treatments."

Charles L.

5 Star

"I would recommend your company without any reservations. I'm well pleased!"

Harry P.

5 Star

"Thanks Zach! Also Brought Paper to front door-very much appreciated."

Douglas B.

5 Star

"Lawn is looking good."

Charles K.

5 Star

"I'm impressed so far with the rapid service. I appreciate the reminder calls.

Gary M.

5 Star

"Our yard looks good!!! "Maybe I should say great" Keep up the good work. I believe this is our 4th season with Top Turf and we can see a big improvement since we started. Thanks.

Top Turf Lawn Care Plan

Plant Lawn Fertilization Treatment

We properly time the application of nutrients to feed your lawn, so you never have to worry about when and how to fertilize. Our seasonally balanced fertilizer and micronutrient treatments give your lawn exactly what it needs at the exact time of year. Having a strong root system will allow your soil to remain healthy all year long.


Plant Weed Prevention & Control

Our pre and post-emergents weed treatments will eliminate the growth and spread of various weeds before they grow. 
Our post-emergent slow-release weed control treatments will take care of the weeds that have popped through to the surface and need to be killed.


Plant Lime Treatment

Lime sweetens your soil in areas where soil is naturally acidic. Lime is extremely important for growing healthy turf. When your soil pH is too low (acidic), it needs lime to bring it back into balance. Soil that is too acidic causes fertilizer lock-up. Lime helps to improve lawn color, density, increase root development and control thatch. Our lime application helps to keep the chemistry of your soil in balance so that you can enjoy a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.


Plant Certified Lawn Care Technician

Our certified technicians are professional, friendly and knowledgable. They will analyze your lawn and determine the right course of action to treat it properly. We have on-going training and keep up with all certifications and licensing.


Plant Detailed Lawn Plan

We will evaluate your lawn’s overall condition which includes the soil condition, grass type, and usage to determine your lawn’s precise needs. Then we will suggest the perfect plan for your lawn to make sure we can get it looking the best it possibly can.


Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

We pay attention to detail and communicate with our customers regularly. We call you the day before we come out to your property. We knock at your door the day of service to let you know we are there to service your lawn. After the service is performed, we email you an invoice and leave a flag on your lawn to let you know we were there to service your lawn.

Badge Family Owned and Operated

Family Owned and Operated

As a family owned and operated business for 30 years we have all shared the same business philosophy– to treat our customers like family members. This has given us exceptional customer loyalty, which has been the corner stone to our long term success. We keep our customers the old-fashioned way… with excellent customer service, great prices and a great product!


Request A Service Call

If you need us to come back out to service your lawn in-between visits, give us a call or request a service. We are here for all your lawn care needs.We take pride in our superior customer service and communication and have the awesome customers to prove it. We are located in 5 states Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Dallas, TX and  Nashville, TN 

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