Grub Control

White grubs feed on the grassroots and soil in your lawn, causing sections of your lawn to die.

Lawn Grubs Chewing Up Your Lawn?

We Can Help.

Grubs gnaw away at your grassroots

Grubs will munch away at your grass down to the roots, leaving dead spots.

Potent Insecticide Treatment

A single application of our insecticide treatment applied over your whole lawn will eliminate the grubs that are in your lawn.


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Don't let grubs continue to destroy your lawn... Act now!

What To Expect

No More Grubs!

We promise to help you get rid of your grubs to put an end to your lawn damage. Here's how we get rid of them–

Feeding On Your Lawn

Grubs feed on the roots of your grass, and if there are 10-15 grubs in one area, they can really do some damage. They can be found in almost all types of grass, so watch out for signs like small, irregular patches of brown or wilted grass– it could be grubs!

One Single Treatment

Never fear! Our grub control treatment is fast and effective, so you will only need one single treatment. We'll come out to your property and spray the entire lawn with our commercial-grade liquid insecticide. Once it's applied, the grubs will be terminated, as our product is an on-contact treatment.


Grubs eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from soil to mate and lay more eggs, which hatch into more grubs. It's important to get rid of them before your lawn is eaten up!


What do white grubs look like?

Typical lawn grubs, often called white grubs, are:

  • White, almost iridescent, in color.
  • C-shaped beetle larvae about a half-inch in length.
  • A grub may be the larvae of the masked chafer, Japanese beetle, or other beetle species.
  • Lawn grubs have soft bodies with legs near the heads.

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What our customers think...

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Top Turf provided grub eradication service for my lawn. Willies is a true professional. His skills are superb and he is a great listener. In addition to applying chemicals to eliminate the grubs, he applied grass seeds to thin and bare areas.
Debbie H.
Grub Control Customer
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Demario came out and diagnosed my lawn issue as grubs. He was very knowledgeable
Brad H.
Grub Control Customer

Preventing White Grubs

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Keep Lawn Mowed

Keeping your lawn mowed regularly will keep your grass blades shorter, and if there are any eggs in the turf, your mower will suck them up, destroying any larvae before they hatch.

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Balanced Soil

Ensuring your soil maintains good balance will help maintain healthy grass. It is important to take care of your soil to keep the grass strong.

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Attract Good Animals

Attracting good insects and birds to your lawn will also help the prevention of grubs. Ladybugs, certain wasps, flies, birds, skinks and frogs are good to have in your lawn to feed on any grubs or larvae that come around.




Stop grubs from causing damage!

  • Our one-time treatment will wipe your lawn clean of grubs and stop further damage from these insects
  • With your lawn clear of grubs, you have more time to enjoy it with your family, friends, and pets
  • No worries about damaged grass and dead patches
  • Let the good times roll!

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