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Are your flower beds infested with weeds?

Pre and post emergent weed kill

Specialty services include a pre-emergent treatment for your flower beds to keep the weeds down before they even start to come up. It also includes a post-emergent weed kill that will attack weeds that are already growing.

Note: Our Specialty Services program is at the discretion of each branch, and not all branches offer this service. Please contact your local Top Turf location to confirm if they offer this service.

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We are committed to keeping your flower beds weed free with both our pre and post-emergent weed control.

What To Expect

Specialty Services

Reclaim Your Flower Bed

Flower bed pre-emergents will prevent weed seed germination on your flower beds. That way, your flower bed will never show weeds in the first place.

The post-emergent weed control will kill any weeds that have already germinated and surfaced in your flower bed. This is to clean up your flower bed to let your favorite flowers thrive and show off their beautiful color without competition for sunlight.

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2 Applications Per Year

Specialty Services flower bed treatment is applied once in the fall and once in the spring to keep your flower beds weed-free!

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Pre and Post Emergent

Attack weeds at both the germination stage and the full grown stage. Keep weeds under control and flowers blooming!

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Free Service Calls

If any weeds pop up between your treatments, just let us know and we will come treat those for you at no extra charge.

What Our Customers Think...

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Tim was pleasant and informed us of the treatment he performed. I liked the way he took his time, was careful of our many plants and flowers, and made sure he closed the gate as he left.
Charles B.
Recommends Top Turf
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Attentive to the yard, comes and spreads granule fertilizer generously I even saw granules in my flower beds.
Tony M.
Recommends Top Turf



Weed-Free Flower Beds

  • With your flower beds free from weeds, you can have more time to sit back and enjoy your flowers
  • No worries about having to fight weeds that compete for your flowers' essential sunlight
  • Enjoy the view of your colorful beauties!

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