Our Story

We create beautiful, safe, and healthy environments for your home and family.

Local Lawn Care and Pest Control Solutions

Tired of paying for services that just don't seem to work?

We provide you with five-star home services including lawn fertilization, weed control, pest control, termite control, and more. We have built a reputation for providing superior customer service, which leads to superior results that outshine competition.
We are here to answer all of your lawn care questions and concerns. Our pledge to our customers is 100% satisfaction, always. That goes for our service programs, product effectiveness, and the friendliness of our employees. Our enthusiasm towards each customer's happiness makes us stand out from the competition.

Continual Service

Top Turf’s regular, year-round service is the key to a successful lawn care program. To make a true difference in lawn health is no easy task. We take the guesswork out of lawn care with our well-trained technicians and properly timed lawn applications.

Pride in Our Work

At Top Turf, we strive to make your lawn look gorgeous. A lawn you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. We understand that your lawn is an extension of your home, where you relax and enjoy family time– and we take that to heart.

Maximum Convenience

Our programs and services are trouble-free. No need to keep track of when to treat your lawn or stockpile messy products. We'll do all that for you. After each application, your technician will email you any information you need to know. All you have to do is water and mow.

Top Turf Core Values

Desire To Succeed

Ignore the noise

The will to do whatever is necessary to achieve goals and objectives.

We’ve found it’s not always skill and talent that lead to greatness. It’s also about the desire to push through barriers and ignore noise like naysayers, difficulties, or self-doubt. Your determination and desire to succeed in spite of noise will make all the difference to you and your success in achieving your goals.

Customer First

Every customer, every time

Listen to the customers, understand their needs, and make them happy.

Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. A great company is built one customer at a time. We strive to impress every customer every chance we have. We're not satisfied until you are. We want to amaze you every time– it's the reason we have a successful company with a loyal customer base.

Positive Attitude

Looking for the good

Looking for the good in every situation and encouraging others to do the same.

Nothing significant in this world has ever happened without someone believing in it first. We take the approach of leading with our hearts and minds. If we truly believe in something, we can – and will – bring it to fruition. If we go into the day with a positive attitude, we are already on our way to success.


Maintaining a high standard

Maintaining a high standard of appearance, respect, maturity, and accountability for ourselves.

At Top Turf, we are one team. No matter what role or branch, we are all on a mission together to satisfy our customers. That starts with appropriate attitudes, maturity, and accountability. Displaying these professional qualities is of utmost importance in pleasing to us.


Confidence to fine solutions

Dedicated employees jump in to help solve problems and get the job done.

It’s our belief in each other and ourselves that gives us the confidence to find solutions to keep us moving forward. As long as we continue to dedicate ourselves to the idea of success and trust the process, then we will figure out every solution that we need to.

Where to find us

From humble beginnings in our Georgia location, we have grown to now five (and counting!) major locations in the southeastern United States over the past 30+ years in business.



Stay informed. We are here to help you keep your lawn looking amazing!