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Lawn Care Experience You Can Trust!

Is your lawn trying to tell you something?

We create beautiful, safe, and healthy environments for your home and family.

Lawn Care Experience You Can Trust!

Is your lawn trying to tell you something?

We create beautiful, safe, and healthy environments for your home and family.

Spring into a Beautiful Lawn!

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Top Turf Lawn Care & Pest Control

Everything you need to transform your unhappy lawn into the brilliant lawn of your dreams.

Continual Lawn Care

Year-round service that will give your lawn exactly what it needs for the time of year.

Perfect Timing

Leave all the thinking and planning to us! Different seasonally balanced fertilizers, micronutrients, and weed controls are beneficial during specific climatic seasons and for your specific type of grass, so we customize your lawn care plan for YOU. We know what your lawn needs, and when it needs it.


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Basically, a weed is any plant growing in a location that it isn't desired– like your lawn! We've all got weeds, and nobody wants them. That's why every application in our Fertilization & Weed Control program comes with a KILLER dose of weed control to combat different weeds at respective times of the year. And don't worry, our unique blend of weed controls will make sure your weeds die and your grass doesn't.


  • Some weeds can produce up to 100K seeds per life cycle, making them hard to get rid of.
  • Weed seeds can get into your lawn from the wind, birds, and sometimes your neighbors' lawn.
  • Our weed control is systemic and does not harm your grass.
  • We get rid of stubborn weeds
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Alexander L
Recommends Top Turf
Love Top Turf! I never leave reviews and they rock! My yard looks incredible! Mow, water...repeat!
Easy Peezy!


Kirstin B
Recommends Top Turf
Top Turf was very professional and came out the next day for service. I have used other services but was not as happy as I was with Top Turf.


Patti W. 
Recommends Top Turf
Our technician, Mike Willis, is a hard worker and does a great job keeping our lawn green and weed-free! 


James M 
Recommends Top Turf
Incredible transformation. Top Turf has turned a mess of a yard into the greatest grass I've ever had at any house I've lived in. 
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top turf tall fescue lawn
Tall Fescue lawn cornelius
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Complete Weed and Feed Lawn Care

Our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control service offers a proactive approach to keeping your lawn healthy, gorgeous, and green! Your soil will receive the highest quality of nutritional fertilizers to set up your grass for success by growing a deep, solid root system.

Great grass begins with a good soil structure. Unhealthy soil will lead to thin turf blades that wilt, which leaves your lawn vulnerable to invasion from fungi and weeds. Healthy soil allows grass to take strong roots and establish itself so that it can better fight off intrusive weeds and diseases.

Benefits of Quality Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

  Thicker, greener grass   More stress-resistant turf
  Improved soil structure   Fewer chances of disease to the turf

Top Turf's guarantee is your 100% satisfaction

Your neighborhood weed and pest control experts

The Top Turf experience is more than just your average lawn care. We are a part of our customers' lives and the communities in which we serve. We amplify the voice of the customer and help them improve the look and value of their yard, offering several different programs and services that will provide value and beauty to the place where they live, work, and play.

  • No contracts
  • Friendly technicians
  • High-quality products
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