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Lawn Care Services 

Life is too short not enjoy a beautiful lawn .Enjoy Your Landscape While Protecting your Home from Nature's Invaders
Are you looking for a family owned company that will give you the personal service you have been looking for? Look no further. We prodly have four service locations. Our experts know your specific needs for Lawn Care and Pest Control. So kick your shoes off and lose yourself in the natural beauty of your healthy, lush lawn and landscape. All while having the confidence in knowing your home is protected from ugly, creepy, crawly pests.

Doesn't Your Family Deserve a Top Turf Lawn?
Join us in creating the lawn you have always dreamed of. Our lawn programs are custom designed for your area. Our knowledge of soil types, environmental conditions and turf types is the reason we are "Your Neighborhood Weed Control Experts". Our comprehensive lawn program will deliver you a beautiful, healthy and vibrant lawn your family will enjoy.

Top Turf Household Pest Protection
We have the solution for household pests. Having a very warm climate such as in the southeast and the Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX is a hotbed for pest activity year-round. Marching ants, invading insects, disgusting mice and rats have a way of ruining your home's peace and comfort. Not to mention, these pests carry numerous diseases. Our Pest Control Program incorporates state of the art treatment procedures and products to keep pests in check so you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

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We will provide you with a Free Lawn Analysis and Estimate. You will get a detailed report that identifies weed problems, disease problems, turf density and cultural practices. Call us or submit your request here, online and we will have a representative out within 48 hours.

Our Customers Had A Little Bit To Say:

I have had other companies service my lawn for over 20 years, I have never had one of these past companies come back between service times because they thought I could get Better Results. Thanks for the great service, I know my yard will look great next spring!
Weed Control Service
My lawn is always beautiful, everyone remarks about it! Whenever I see a problem arising I call the office and immediately a technician comes and checks out the problem. I am very happy with your service.
Weed Contol Service
I'm so happy with the results of using Top Turf! This is the first time in 18 years our yard has been in this great of shape. I always get the phone calls saying when they will be at my home and they can always answer any question I might have. If they don't know, (which has only happened one time) they will find out from someone else in your company. Again I'm so pleased with my service.
Weed Contol Service
To make a long story short we moved in and had a major issue with weeds. We also had Top Turf at the other house we called you, you treated the lawn. I told my husband to call you to retreat. I came home that day and the lawn had been treated. I called my husband and said thanks for calling Top Turf he said "I Didn't Call Yet" You all came to retreat without us calling. Thanks a 1,000,000. You guys are great!
Weed Contol Service
My husband and I would like to let you know about the great job that Brett and Juan did at our house last week. They noticed that our sprinkler had an issue and water was pouring out in an area near the front of the our house. They contacted me via my cell phone and I was able to direct them to the shut off valve. We really appreciate and applaud their efforts! It is this type of service that really makes a difference.
Weed Contol Service