Restore and Replenish
Aeration and Seeding

Tall Fescue requires annual aeration and seeding every fall as it does not self germinate. Restore and replensish your turf from the harsh summer stresses.

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Why Do You Need Aeration and Seeding?

Core Aeration

There are many reasons that we highly recommend having your lawn aerated annually, as it promotes deeper root systems, less water usage, and just an overall healthier lawn.

Over Seeding

  • We provide superior, a high-quality seed farmed in a 99.9% Weed free process. Our Tall Fescue seed is a dark green blade with luscious shine and color.
  • Overseeding a Tall Fescue lawn yearly will fill in thin areas of your lawn and gaps that were created from dying off weeds, drought, insects and disease.
  • In addition Summer heat damages Tall Fescue, as it is a cool-season grass so it suffers in high temperatures and will die. The result is a 25% loss of your Tall Fescue Lawn yearly, just from the summer heat.
  • We recommend overseeding as an annual maintenance service as it does not self reproduce as other lawn types of grass such as Bermuda and Zoysia do, therefore we have to overseed every year to maintain a thick lawn, healthy lawn that will also produce fewer weeds over time.
Aeration and Seeding

Aeration and Seeding

Tall Fescue has no real way of spreading and reproducing itself like Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass does. Late August, September, and October is the best time of year to rejuvenate your fescue lawn. Fescue grows and develops in cooler temperatures much better than hot weather. We suggest doing the aeration and seeding while the soil temperatures are warm rather than waiting until late fall. The seed will need to be kept constantly moist for a much shorter period of time before germination if seeded early in the fall.

“By overseeding your Tall Fescue lawn annually, you are introducing new grass on an annual consistent basis, which will help to keep your lawn healthy, strong, and maintain its full, robust color for the upcoming year.”

Benefits of Over Seeding

• Thicker, Healthier Lawn
• Replenish Your Lawn That Was Lost Over Summer Months
• Less Susceptible to Lawn Diseases 
• Less Susceptible to Getting Lawn Destroying Insects
• Less Chance of Getting Weeds

Benefits of Over Seeding

Core Aeration

Core aeration is one of the most important things you can have done to your lawn in the late Spring to a warm season lawn. Compacted soil severely reduces the ability of grassroots to expand and take up water and nutrients. When this happens, it is very difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate compacted clay or soil. So, if you see that your lawn is not looking as good as you would like, know that this is directly related to how deep, strong and extensive the root system is on your lawn. The stronger the roots, the healthier, thicker, and greener your lawn will be.

Aeration Benefits

• Deeper Grass Roots
• Nutrients Reach the Root System more effectively
• Seed Germinates Deeper and Stronger
• Improves Air Exchange Between Soil and Atmosphere
• Increase Lawns Drought Tolerance
• Increase Water Uptake
• Reduce Soil Compaction
• Reduce Water Runoff

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