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Importance of Winter Pre-Emergent Weed Control for Bermuda Lawns

The summer fades into autumn, and it’s getting cold outside just like it does every year. You look...

Aeration & Seeding Aftercare - What's next?

Just had your lawn aerated and seeded? Here are the next steps to make sure your new grass grows in...

Don't Have In-Ground Irrigation? DIY Sprinkler System

DIY Sprinkler System

You know your lawn needs water... but what's the best way to make sure it's...

How To Prep For Aeration & Seeding

Are you ready for your upcoming aeration and seeding?

So you've scheduled your aeration and seeding...

How Much Should You Water Your Lawn?

How much should you water for your specific type of grass?

How To Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Proper mowing will have a tremendous effect on the appearance of your lawn. Height of cut,...

Do You Really Need To Rake All Those Leaves?

Yes! Excessive leaves on your lawn going into winter is bad for several reasons. Here's why–