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The Secret Life of Tall Fescue Roots Beneath the Freeze!!

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Tall Fescue retains its lush green appearance for most of the year, making it a popular choice over other grass varieties. However, when the harsh winter months arrive, the blades of Tall Fescue cease to grow and nearly enter a dormant phase. But here's the fascinating part – the roots of Tall Fescue keep on growing! Even as winter sets in, the roots of Tall Fescue continue their growth, fortifying their immune defenses and gaining strength for the Spring to arrive! 

Keep Feeding the Blade!

While Tall Fescue might seem all 'business as usual' on the surface, there's an underground fiesta happening beneath the soil! That's right, Tall Fescue roots are throwing a non-stop feast – they're absorbing all the nutrients they can and, getting thicker and longer by the day. These roots are carb aficionados, and guess what? We're their top chefs! Our special fertilizer mixture serves up all the delicious carbs they crave, not only fueling their growth but also giving them the energy and nutrients they need to stay in tip-top shape. Our Tall Fescue is always ready for 'bikini season' – I mean, the growing season!

Winter Months Are the Most Important

Many homeowners often fall into a common trap during winter, assuming that their lawn requires no attention because it's hibernation time for the greenery. But here's a twist – winter months are when your lawn needs the most TLC to ensure a glorious spring and summer ahead. Think of it as Tall Fescue's 'rest day' in the weightlifting world. Just like us, without proper rest and nutrients, Tall Fescue won't look its best or perform to its full potential when the warm embrace of spring arrives.

Imagine, if Tall Fescue were lifting weights, winter would be its well-deserved break to recharge. Without this downtime and the right nutrients, it might not recover as splendidly or even risk 'blade injuries.' The cold season is like a superhero's secret chamber, where Tall Fescue stores up energy for the epic showdown in the spring and the sweltering summer heat.

So, remember, even though it might seem like your lawn is taking a snooze, it's actually hard at work behind the scenes, gearing up for a stunning comeback. Treat your Tall Fescue to the winter TLC it deserves, and you'll be rewarded with a lush, resilient, and vibrant green lawn come springtime!


Do I still Mow? 

Absolutely! If your grass has grown long and requires a trim, by all means, give it a well-deserved mow. However, keep in mind that winter is the season of rejuvenation for your lawn. Avoid cutting it too low, as this can actually harm the root system and undo all the progress you and your grass have made. So, if you do decide to mow, just remember: not too low! Your lawn will thank you for it.

(It's essential to remember that even with a warm-season turf like Bermuda, maintaining proper lawn care also remains vital. While you won't need to mow Bermuda because the grass blades on the surface stop growing altogether and go dormant, it's important to acknowledge that the roots remain active and alive beneath the surface. Therefore, warm-season grasses also still need essential nutrients and care during the winter months to prepare for their grand spring reveal. here.)


Consider this–

When you're on a journey to maintain your health through regular workouts, incorporating rest days is absolutely essential. Your body has its limits, and rest days provide the much-needed recovery time. However, even during these well-deserved breaks, it's crucial to continue taking good care of yourself. That includes maintaining a balanced diet to fuel your body, ensuring it remains robust and in top shape. In a way, you can think of winter as Tall Fescue's equivalent of a "rest day."

Weak Grass

weak grass blade drawing 2.0Neglecting self-care on your rest day can leave you feeling less than your best when it's time to get back into your workout routine. Without proper care, you might lack the energy and vitality needed for an effective workout. This could leave you feeling weak, achy, and low on energy, ultimately hindering the efficiency of your workout and placing limitations on your journey to becoming stronger.


Strong Grass

strong grass blade drawingWell, it's the same with grass! It may be its "rest day," but it still needs the proper nutrients to remain well! Keeping your Tall Fescue well fed with fertilizing nutrients is key to having it be tough and ready for the spring, and then into summer. You've just seeded, so you need to make sure that grass gets the nutrients it needs to be the lush lawn with strong roots that you're hoping for!


Keeping Up

It's tempting to just leave grass alone during the winter months. It hardly grows, and it doesn't seem like fertilizing is providing any benefits. However, it's important to remember the long-term advantages. In the moment of winter, little impact may show as a result of fertilizer. But, come springtime, you will see a noticeable difference in a lawn that was fertilized through the winter versus a lawn that was not.

As always, if you just continue your Top Turf Fertilization & Weed Control Program and we'll handle all your needs for you. It's that easy! Remember that you can reach out to your local branch for any questions or concerns you may have about your lawn. We're here to help, and we're just one call away.