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Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs

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We generally wait until the leaves have fallen and the sap has dropped in the trees before we fertilize. We do this to avoid causing any late-season growth surges. Fertilizing trees and shrubs in the winter ensures that the proper nutrients will be present and available for the plants as soon as they need them in the spring.

Winter is an excellent time to fertilize ornamental trees and shrubs.

Examples of tree and shrub fertilization methods include granular fertilizers around the root zones, liquid fast-release fertilizers drenched over plant foliage and around the bases, and fertilizer spikes driven into the ground around the root zones. These spikes driven into the ground to deliver fertilizer to the roots is called deep root fertilization. Liquid and granular fertilizers applied to the soil around the plants promote shallow root systems because the nutrients cannot penetrate very deeply into our compacted clay soil. Shallow roots are more susceptible to damage from freezes, snow, and heat. Fertilizer spikes do a better job of promoting deeper root systems, but most of these spikes contain fast-release nitrogen which can actually burn the plant’s roots as the nitrogen leaches out. None of these fertilization methods do anything to help relieve the compaction of the soil around the root balls.

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We use a pressurized deep-root fertilization method.

Our fertilizers are injected into the ground around the bases of your trees and shrubs at approximately 250 pounds of pressure. This pressure helps to relieve soil compaction, which allows plant roots to grow deeper and develop more expansively. The fertilizer we use releases slowly over a 12-month period with the help of warm temperatures and moisture.

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