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The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

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Provide your tree and shrub roots with the nutrients they need to keep your trees healthy!

What’s the difference between traditional fertilization & deep root fertilization?

Traditional fertilization methods distribute treatments around the tree, this allows everything around the tree to absorb the treatments as well. Unfortunately, this reduces the amount your tree gets its effectiveness.

Deep root tree fertilization goes beneath the surface and directly to the roots. This ensures that your tree is getting every bit of what it needs.

Benefits of Deep Root Tree Fertilization

There are many benefits to deep root fertilization some include:

  • It provides proper nutrients for trees.
  • Allows for better root function: Promotes root growth which increases the health and stability of your trees
  • Provides effective soil aeration: The roots have easy access to water and nutrients that are essential for growth
  • Reduces soil compaction: Loosens the soil around the tree allowing the tree roots to breathe more easily
  • Healthier and more attractive trees.
  • Promotes the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property.

It is possible for property owners to accomplish this process themselves, but inexperience can do more damage than good. Digging too much, for instance, can damage your tree, while too little will be a wasted effort. It is also important to identify the tree’s drip line in order to be most effective. They will become healthier overall and more resistant to disease and insect infestation. Top Turf recommends deep root feeding once a year, in the fall.

Professional tree services like Top Turf have certified technicians and the right equipment to do the job for you. This means that it will be done correctly and in half the time. Why risk the health and safety of your trees?