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Termite Management

Our termite control program is crucial for keeping your home safe. We have effective treatments and affordable prices.

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Protect your Home with Termite Management

Out of all of the pests you can have on your property, termites can be some of the worst. Not only can they eat you out of house and home, but it might also be a while before you even know you have a termite infestation. Top Turf termite control specialists are knowledgeable in building construction, termite biology and behavior, and the proper and safe use of pesticides. 


Dual Action Termite Control

Our dual action termite control consists of two state of the art termite defense techniques providing homeowners with maximum protection from costly termite damage. One technique monitors the perimeter of the home for activity while the other protects your home from termite invasions for many years.

Termite Bait Stations

Top Turf Pest Management uses perimeter bait stations as the main source for controlling termite activity. Pieces of non-toxic food that termites are known to prefer to eat are placed in these bait stations. The stations are designed to help make sure that foraging termites easily find and begin feeding on this food.

Once activity is noticed in the stations, we add a slow-acting growth regulator bait inside the station without disturbing the feeding termites. This new bait acts slowly enough that the feeding termites return to the colony and infect the entire colony with the growth regulator, thus eliminating the entire colony.

When all active termite colonies are eliminated, there is always the possibility that a new colony can be re-populated. For this reason, we return on a quarterly basis to re-inspect the bait stations in order to ensure that re-infestation does not occur.


Liquid Treatment

In addition to the perimeter based bait stations, we also use liquid termiticide treatment for protection under the home. This may involve drilling small holes in your slab and garage or driveway area so that the termiticide can be injected around or under the foundation of your home. This termiticide, will infect the termites that come in contact with it. They will in turn infect other foraging termites that they come in contact with, and eventually the entire colony will be eliminated.

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