What is Nutsedge and why is it hard to get rid of?


What is Nutsedge?

Nutsedge is aggressive and a persistent weed that will infest lawns, and gardens. They can be extremely hard to kill, and to control them is going to be a long procedure. Successful control includes both mechanical and chemical control.

Nutsedge Can Be Difficult to Get Rid of …

Nutsedge tubers are spread by gardening and introduced in topsoil and nursery plants. They can persist in the soil for years. Learn to identify nutsedge to avoid accidentally bringing it in on newly purchased sod, topsoil, or plants. Be sure to fully clean tools and equipment such as tillers that have been used in an infected area to avoid spreading tubers and rhizome pieces. 

Mechanical Control: It is possible to eradicate very small patches of nutsedge by digging. Dig at least 10 inches deep and at least eight to ten inches beyond the diameter of the above-ground leafy portion of the plant. This will safeguard the removal of the spreading tubers. This is best done early in the spring before more tubers are produced.

Chemical Control: Nutsedge can be controlled chemically with postemergence herbicides. Because different herbicides are effective against different types of weeds, it is important to correctly identify the nutsedge to be controlled. Herbicides also vary regarding the desirable plants they can be safely used around without causing damage. Always check the label to make sure the pesticide you choose will not damage the desired plants.


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