How to Control and Treat Red Thread Fungus

Red Thread Fungus

Turf affected: All species

Symptoms: Pinkish red threads that form around the leaf blades and bind them together. Eventually, the affected turf will turn brown. The red threads will be most visible when the turf is wet and you may see red spores on your mower and shoes. Red thread Fungus is a foliar disease that usually occurs on taller mown turfgrasses during spring and fall. Red thread fungus symptoms create an undesirable appearance, but crowns and roots are not infected, so plants are not killed and turf eventually will recover

Disease occurrence: Early spring

Red Thread Fungus Management

The best prevention for the red thread fungus is to aerate regularly and remove thatch. Mow at proper levels, reduce shade on the turf and follow a regular fertilization program. Collect and dispose of grass clippings when the disease is present. Increased nitrogen and phosphorus fertility have been correlated to decreased red thread susceptibility. So, fertilizing on a regular schedule will eliminate one of the primary causes of red thread. Also, water deeply but infrequently early in the day to allow the leaf blade to dry off.

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