Prickly Lettuce Weed In Your Summer Lawn!

Prickly Lettuce

Type: Annual Pant Weed
Size: 1-5 Feet Tall
Where it grows: It prefers dry conditions but can be found in moist areas as well.
Appearance: Alternating leaves that clasp the stem. Leaves are deeply notched with spiny margin along the mid-vein of the lower surface at maturity. Blossoms are yellow in color and about 1/3 inch across.
Control: Use a Pre Emergent Herbicide and of course…Pull wild lettuce when the soil is damp and dig down to get all of the tap roots.
Note: A single plant can produce anywhere from 35 to 2,300 flowers, each containing around 20 seeds and adding up to a total of between 700 and 46,000 seeds per plant!

By | April 25th, 2017 |

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