Tips For Controlling Plantain Weeds

Plantain Broad Leaf Weed

Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) is a perennial, broadleaf weed. Broadleaf plantain is a common weed in turfgrass, nurseries, and landscapes as it can tolerate very low mowing heights. It germinates from seed in late spring through mid-to-late summer and occasionally in the fall depending on temperature and moisture. It has a low growing rosette habit and tolerates close mowing. It has the ability to survive a range of environments which makes it a common weed in North America.

Type: Broadleaf perennial
Size: 6″ inches long and 4″ inches tall.
Where it grows: It will grow in sun to shade, and in almost any soil – plantain is very adaptable. Plantain spreads by seeds.
Appearance: low-growing, green plant with oval, ribbed short-stemmed leaves. The leaves form basal rosettes which tend to hug the ground.

Plantain Can Be Control

The best way to prevent plantain in the lawn is to keep the soil aerated and healthy. Aerate compacted soil and follow a regular schedule of fertilization.
Note: Plantain weeds also contaminate mowers and other equipment used on the lawn. Clean your equipment thoroughly before using it again to prevent the spread of planting lawn weeds.

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