5 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Safe For Trick or Treaters 

5 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Safe For Trick or Treaters 

1. Keep Surroundings Safe!

If you have a yard space that the children will walk through or have access to, you can play a key role in keeping the surroundings safe for them as well. Pick up any toys, trash, or animal droppings. The last thing you want a kid in a costume to step in is dog poo. Take a few minutes to rake leaves or sticks and be sure that the yard is safe to walk through. Place any small flower pots next to your door or in the carport, away from foot traffic areas.

  • If you’ve had renovation or cleaning work occurring in the yard, either put the items away or rope them off clearly. Put away ladders, buckets, garden tools, etc.
  • Remove any lawn decorations, chairs, etc. that might be in the way.
  • Tape down cords that cannot be moved from ground areas. Use duct tape or other strong tapes.

2. Garden Hoses

Roll up garden hoses onto racks and be sure that your automatic sprinkler system is completed before dusk. Some systems are kept at ground level when not in use and not a hazard, as opposed to those that stick up a few inches. If you have a system that sticks up and could be walked on, consider making the spot obvious such as placing an upturned planter over it with an LED light placed on top.

3. Safety Lights

Use glow sticks, LED lights, and other safety lights to illuminate your yard. Be creative with the yard appearance. If you have stepping stones, consider creating a parallel glow stick path on the outside of the steps as a guide. Mini yard spotlights, overhead garage lights, and other eye-safe lights can be of assistance. Don’t use automotive lights because they can blind kids while walking to your door.

  • Turn on the porch light. This will help trick or treaters find their way.
  • Invest in a small battery-operated light to insert in Jack O’ Lanterns instead of candles. If you do use Jack O’ Lanterns with real candles, keep them well out of the reach of kids, their blowing costumes, and any flammable decorations. Ensure that any decorations, cords, etc., are well lit if they can’t be tucked or placed out of the way.

4. Pass out treats in your driveway instead of at the door if your yard is unsafe.

This can be useful if any part of your yard leading to your door could create a bottleneck if a crowd of kids turns up. If you see kids going around or playing with fences, gates, or other potentially sharp objects, inform the parents to steer them away. Driveway trick or treating can be fun in a few ways since you can play Halloween music next to you, create a haunted house, or even feel comfortable that you won’t be bothered out of your TV chair every second.

5. Turn everything off when you call it “quits” or don’t want to participate.

Lit porch lights are the most known “signal” to kids that tell them someone is home with candy. If you’re home, but don’t have candy nor want visitors, turn off any outdoor lights. With this, you can still join in the festivities with a lit Jack O’ Lantern by the window or doorstep. When going to bed or out for the night, be sure to lock and secure windows and doors, as well as turning off anything that might attract people.

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