Henbit Description and What It Looks Like


Type: Broadleaf annual
Size: To 12 inches tall and wide
Where it grows: Lawn, landscape, and garden areas in sun or shade
Appearance: Low, creeping plant with scallop-edge leaves and purple flowers.
Control: Mulch to prevent it in gardens or use pre-emergence herbicide in spring; pull plants by hand or treat in lawns with a broadleaf, post-emergence herbicide.
Fun Facts: Henbit can sometimes be confused with Purple Dead Nettle, above, which is also edible. The difference in the two can be seen in the leaves. Henbit has heart-shaped leaves with big scalloped edges that grow along the entire length of the stem. The Purple Dead Nettle (dead in this case means not stinging) has more triangular shaped leaves that grow in big clumps.

By | April 25th, 2017 |

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