Can Fairy Ring Fungus Be Dangerous?

Fairy Ring Fungus

Turf affected: All species
Symptoms: Large arcs or rings consisting of very green grass, dead grass, mushrooms, puffballs, or a combination of all. Fairy ring disease causes brown or dark green arcs or circles that appear in lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and other turf areas. The symptoms are most likely to develop between spring and fall. They are caused by fungi that feed on decaying plant tissue. Disease occurrence: Late March to early November.

Fairy Ring Fungus Control 

To avoid getting a fairy ring it is advised to remove any desiccating organic matter such as tree stumps, rotting lumber, etc… from the soil before planting. Provide proper fertilization (more nitrogen) and irrigation along with regular dethatching and/or aerating of the Turfgrass to help prevent the development of fairy ring disease. Fungicide treatment or soil removal may be necessary if a fairy ring becomes a problem. If fairy ring symptoms consist only of mushrooms and there is no zone of dark green grass, the mushrooms can be raked off and disposed of. Since some of the mushrooms are poisonous, mushrooms should be removed or destroyed. Chopping them up with the mower is adequate, but if children or pets are present, it is probably best to collect the mushrooms and place them in the garbage out of their reach. While removing the mushrooms will not weaken or control the fairy ring fungus, it will improve the turf’s appearance.

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