7 Ways Ants Will Invade Your Home!

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1. Cracks & Crevices

Ants can get into even the most tightly sealed structure.  If there is even an opening as small as 1/64th of an inch they can gain access into your home.  Small gaps around windows and doors will allow access into your home.  Gaps in siding or even “weep” holes in brick structures will facilitate entry.  


2. Pipes

Pipes give ants direct access to your home, often directly into your kitchen.  They can run the pipes to all levels of the home and into your rooms.  Additionally, ants can move into a protected environment like your walls, where temperatures are stable.  Populations can quickly increase to over a million workers and multiple queens.


3. Trees, Shrubs & Vegetation

Ants may travel hundreds of feet when foraging.  Ant trails have been measured in excess of 350 feet in Georgia.  They will travel to the tops of trees & shrubs in search of food.  Often, if the limbs of the trees or shrubs are touching your home, they will travel over these and gain direct access into the house.  Pine straw is a preferred nesting material to ants.  If the pine straw is layered around the base of a tree which in turn has limbs touching the house, the likelihood of an ant invasion is escalated.


4. Fences, Arbors & Decks

Not only trees and shrubs, but also man made items can become a factor for ants to invade your kitchen, bathrooms or even your living areas.Fences are made to keep things out of your yard, but it can also help for small insects like ants to gain access inside your home. Since your deck is attached to your home, the posts that help keep the deck up is also being used as a foraging trail. Arbors are mostly used to grow vines to make a nice shady spot to relax outdoors, but now you have a highway for ants into your home.  If touching the structure, all of these offer easy and quick access into your home.


5. Air-conditioning Compressor

The large air conditioning unit around your house cerates a very conducive environment for attracting ants into your home.  Most are surrounded in pine mulch, the preferred nesting material for ants.  The compressor creates moisture/water, which ants search for during the hot summer months.  Once found, the ants will begin a new colony and eventually run the compressor lines into the house.


6. Gutter Down Spouts

Down spouts offer ants a moist and protected way of getting from the ground into the upper locations of your home.  They can enter through soffit vents and gain accessto the interior attic.  They will then set up a colony that can reach huge numbers before being noticed.


7. The Garage

This is the largest entry point into your home for all kinds of insects. Even if you close your garage door, there are still many ways for ants to access different points of entry into your home through the garage. Clutter, lawn tools, dog food, bird food, all will attract foraging ants.

Ants have been around for millions of years and are true survivors.  They view your home as a source of water, food or shelter and they will invade.  With our pro-active pest control program, Top Turf will protect the inside of your home from unwanted pests with an invisible barrier outside. Our quarterly visits maintain this exterior barrier and offer you and your home long-term protection. Keep your home your castle and not an ant hotel.  Top Turf will keep your home and family protected from damaging ants.

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